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Hi, I'm Klaus and welcome to my "Klaus Sex Tour Diary". I was just an average sex tourist that recorded my sexual holiday in Thailand having a great time so I decided to share it with others! It was my first trip to Thailand, well, my first holiday outside of Europe to be honest. I'd never really had a girlfriend back home and my friends who lived in Thailand kept telling me to get out there and experience some real Thai girls. Here you can see my archive of raunchy videos and photos. Watch as I fuck dirty bar sluts and gogo coyotes with no condoms, Thai shop workers, Thai factory girls and also some naughty girlfriends and wives out looking for a big western cock! Creampies, Rimming, Facials and nasty Fetishes, my adventures have to been seen to be believed. My friends say I do all sex tourist proud with my training of these willing Thai whores. And I'll also post other Asian girls that I get to fuck when I need to go to other Asian countries to renew my sex tourist visa.
You can see all my photo sets and videos, and loads more real Thai and Asian girls here.


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Young Petite Pattaya Girl Namtam New Years Short Time Fuck

Hi guys, Benny here, and thanks to Klaus for inviting me to write on his sex tourist blog, its my first time writing on a blog so I hope you all like my stories. I'll start off with a little story about Namtam who I fucked around New Year time.

I was meeting some friends in the afternoon for a few drinks and something to eat but I decided to leave my hotel early to have a wander around because theres always girls hanging around the hotel and walking up and down the roads.

I had barely left the hotel car park when I noticed a nice little chick wearing a bright yellow outfit and a huge beaming beautiful smile, I'd seen her around the soi before but hadn't spoken to her and I didn't know if she was a bar girl or not but the way she gave me the smile and those tell tale come on eyes told me enough to give it a shot.

When I got chatting to her she seemed so young I began to think she couldn't be a bar girl so I was surprised when she said she work in a bar just a few soi's down from my hotel soi, I could see this was going to be a good day already, young, petite and an amazing smile that would make any guy my age just melt...

She didn't speak much English but enough for us to have a little chat and she asked me if I'd like to go to her bar for a drink so off we went. We had a couple of games of pool and I couldn't keep my eyes off her tight body, her shape was just perfect and the little outfit clung to her every curve as she lent over the pool table.

When she was leaning over the table I could see her cleavage and although her tits where small it was enough to give me a shudder, my mind was on fire and all I could think about was fucking her, everything about her body and shape, the way she walked so gently but also so sexy had me going crazy I must of fucked her in my mind about twenty times already just watching her play pool.

I couldn't take it any longer and asked her if she had time to go with me to my hotel, she agreed and I nearly creamed myself listening to her little shy voice and her smiling at me so innocently yet so cheekily.

When we got back to the room she wasn't shy at first, we helped each other undress and caressed each others bodies but when I started getting hard she went a little shy, maybe it was my size because her body was so small compared to mine.

She then took a shower and I told her I would take some pics of her, she didn't mind showing off a little for the camera so I snapped away. Her shape was even more sexy now she was nude and her little tits and her bulging curve of her pussy had me throbbing whilst she slowly soaped herself everywhere.

Her young pussy wasn't shaved but there was so few hairs it was unnoticable and the few hairs where so young and soft it was out of this world. She laid down on the bed and I started kissing her body and every kiss made her tight skin tighten more and eventually my tongue touched her sweet pussy and her whole body quivered for a few seconds before relaxing and slowly moving with the rhythm of my tongue. She was enjoying every moment as she moaned with pleasure whilst trying to push herself harder onto my tongue and this made me all the happier.

My face was so dripping wet from her pussy juice I had to pull away to wipe my mouth but she said something in Thai I didn't understand but because she was pulling me back in with her legs wrapped around my neck it wasn't hard to figure out what she was saying. I gave her one more hard sucking which made her arch her back and squeal with delight.

I moved up and slowly rubbed my cock around her gagging pussy and her legs rose up high inviting me to penetrate her. She was so wet but still it was so tight, I slowly entered her taking my time going deeper little by little so not to hurt her delicate love box untill I could feel myself at her limit, her moans continued as I burrowed myself deeper into what seemed like where no man had been before.

I stopped and turned her over and she gladly raised her tight ass wanting my cock back inside, the sight of her ass with her pussy begging for my cock nearly had me cumming so I had to take a moment to regain control by slowly rubbing my cock up and down her wet lips but she was pushing herself onto me I couldn't keep it out for long.

With every stroke I pumped her with she moaned for it harder and our bodies gyrated with perfect rhythm getting stronger and faster with every pump until my balls finally couldn't hold my load any more and filled her pussy with my cum, I pulled out and sprayed what was left over her ass then entered her again for my final spurts as I could feel her pussy cumming also, she collapsed and I laid on her still inside feeling her pussy intensely throbbing around my cock and extracting every last drop of cum from me.

Click here to see all the fucking pics and video


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Big Butt Nit Pattaya Freelancer

I was on my way home after taking a girl back to her bar just off Walking Street, I'd taken her short time as she looked a bit shy and as it turned out I was glad because she was a fucking waste of time. One of the silly cows wanting the light off and all that bollocks so i told her to forget it before she even undressed.

Little Nit was hanging around the beach near the entrance to Walking Street and she hooked onto me as I walked passed, when she told me she didnt work in a bar I wasn't interested because I've heard so many bad stories about the freelancers but Nit seemed ok so I let her walk with me and chatted. She said she had been working in a gogo untill the week before when her and her cousin got told to leave because some of the other girls told the mamasan they had been smoking yaaba, whether it was true or not who knows but I figured what the hell and gave it a go. A mate had gone back to europe and still had 10 days left on his apartment so he let me stay there and seeing that it was pretty much empty apart from a bed there wasn't much i could lose.

I'd dropped a jelly viagra before taking the first girl back so that was still pumping and i was getting hard just watching her walk like a little fucking slut. Once back in the apartment she wasted no time getting undressed and into the downstairs shower, and I wasted no time stuffing my cock down her throat before she had finished. She was well game and deep throated it like a pro but she kept standing up and trying to get me to fuck her but I just pushed her back down everytime and rammed her throat again. Maybe it was because I'd been wanting a fuck all night and the let down of the first girl that I was so horny because I couldn't hold myself and I let it all explode down her throat and all over her cute little face, or maybe it was her deepthroating that was so good. But I wasn't to complain as the jelly would be keeping me throbbing all night.

The apartment had 3 floors so I took her in the 1st floor bedroom after she finished her shower. She was straight on my cock again sucking like mad to get it hard and then sat on top of me and rode me cow girl style. She knew exactly how to hit her spot and she was cumming within a few minutes, what a difference from the first frump I had back here that night. After about 30 minutes of her riding me and orgasm after orgasm she finally gave up and collapsed on me so i spun us over and with her legs spread high and me on my knees I banged her like crazy, wow could this girl cum! I eventually turned her over and banged her doggy style, with her cute little body and big ass sticking up high I knew I'd be jizzing again soon and it wasn't long till I exploded jizz bomb #2. She turned herself over rubbed her soaking pussy as she watched me spurt out every last drop onto her, then she sucked me dry.

When she finished in the shower she thought I was done so I told her we could go up to my room now on the next floor, she thought I was joking but once up there she was just as eager to get it on again and we fucked for most of the night. I gave her 1000B in the morning and she was just as happy as I was, so maybe next time I'll give the freelancers a second look.

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Welcome to our new poster Benny

I met an English guy in a bar some weeks ago and after swapping a few stories he offered to help me post some on my blog, so welcome to Benny from England.

He had some interesting stories of his sex travels so lets see how he does, I have a feeling his stories won't be as intense and filthy as mine but they should be a laugh.

So hopefully we will see Benny here soon with some sexy pics of his Thai sluts that he has banged.


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Pattaya FuckFest Part 1

In the last post I wanted to give you a glimpse of the candids, but seeing as it was Pattaya and I'd already mentioned the Pattaya Fuckfest I thought it best to show you about Pattaya in this post. Really I'm just excited to tell my Pattaya Fuckfest story lol.

Well, I'd been in Bangkok for nearly four weeks and my good friend Paul from UK had just turned up, he'd been living in Pattaya for about four years and returned to UK every year during the summer to help his brother with his landscaping business. We met up and I could tell straight away he was itching to get off to Pattaya, normally he just jumps in a taxi from the airport and pays about 900B for a ride to Pattaya but he had promised to show me around so he stayed in BKK for two nights.

Paul's been with the same girl now for nearly two years but that wasn't the reason he wanted to get to Pattaya so quick, whenever he arrives back he always has a few days around town before going back to his bungalow on the outskirts of Pattaya, and this time wasn't to be any different.

We got to Pattaya about 1pm and Paul took us to a nice hotel overlooking the beach for 800B per night. He told the taxi guy to wait while we checked in so he could run us to Soi 8, I guess he wasn't bothered cos he'd be waiting for a fare back to BKK anyway. So we dumped our bags and headed to Soi 8 which was only about 10 minutes away. Paul had said that it was the dirtiest place he had even seen but since I'd been in BKK for four weeks I thought I was ready for anything. Shit I was wrong!

The first bar we went to was an open beer bar, about 12 girls working and it was still only just gone 2pm, the whole street was just bar after bar, each with a good number of girls inside trying to drag every tourist that walked past into the bar, Paul's pretty fluent in Thai so a quick few words and they let us on our way but its so funny to see two six foot guys unwillingly getting dragged into a bar by two four foot 35 kilo Thai chicks.

The girls here looked different to the girls from Bangkok, in Bangkok they liked to have white skin but you could tell here they were all beach babes, living it up everyday on the beach with last nights pull, or looking for the young handsome guys soaking up the sun. I'll tell more about younger guys verses older guys later but lets just say the girls prefer an older guy over a young stud who thinks he's gods gift but doesnt like putting his hand in his pocket even though he's on holiday suposedly having a good time.

Anyway, Paul told me to take it easy because this was just a teaser of whats to come, then 10 seconds later he says he'll be back in 30 minutes and fucks off with some chick who had been rubbing his cock for the last 5 minutes. He came back 20 minutes later and said with a smirky grin "Just a quick BJ mate, 200B and a drink, and I shot the fuckin lot up both nostrils and held her mouth closed so she had to sniff it up", I choked on my beer and sprayed a full mouthfull across the bar covering two girls that had just come in all dolled up. For the next five minutes we were both curled up in fits of laughter, the two girls kept saying something to Paul in Thai but everytime he tried to speak we both burst out laughing again, then it dawned on me, 200B, I couldn't believe it, I'd been paying girls in BKK from 1500B to 2500B for short time and if I was lucky could get a long time for 3000B. This is why he wanted to get to Pattaya so quick. Well fuck that I thought, if he can do it so can I so I asked the girl who had been playing connect four with me and rubbing my cock since we'd been in the bar how much for short time, 500B, fuck lets go now! When we left the poor girl that gave Paul a blowjob was still fucking about with tissues blowing her nose every 2 minutes.

At 6pm we got back to the hotel, showered and went to a Thai restuarant, 200B fed us both a massive seafood platter and a beer each. Then back to Soi 8 for about 9pm.

I couldnt believe it again, I'd have sworn it wasn't the same street we was in during the afternoon, maybe it was all the flashing lights and shit but the sheer number of girls was just overwhelming, every bar was packed with girls and sex tourist, and everybar had about 20 to 30 girls outside pulling in the punters. This time Paul wasn't as sharp with his words and let the girls do their stuff trying to get us into their bars. Some girls even came up to me and said things like "ohhh, u make short time already today, u have big power for boom boom?", they all seemed to know me from the afternoon but I couldn't remember any of them.

By the time we got to the bar my head was spinning, luckily it was a big bar and I sat down for a few moments out of the way to get my head together, Paul was at the bar with 3 girls all over him. After about 10 minutes he called me over and introduced me to Sa, he said she was a good friend of his and seeing I was a good friend of him we should make a good pair, I nodded to her and she instantly smiled and came and sat on my knee. We stayed in this bar for about an hour then headed further up the street, Paul said he'd already paid the bar fine for Sa and two other girls and we'd go back later to pick them up so if I wanted to fuck some other girl tonight make it a short time job.

We went from bar to bar and nearly every bar the girls were drinking out of stainless steel ice buckets with straws, I tried some and they said it was Thai whiskey and Red Bull energy drink, Paul said don't drink too much but every bar we went in the girls just offered it you, I felt like I could of gone from bar to bar all night and got pissed without even buying a drink.

We got back to Sa's bar about 1am and Sa was sat with some tourists, after about 30 minutes she came and sat with us, all this time I'd been sat alone, not one girl came and flirted around me, I figured they knew I was Sa's man tonight lol. The next day I asked Sa about it and what if I'd have flirted around other girls when she was sat with other tourist accepting drinks from them, her reply "Up to u, u like take other girl ok no problem, if farang (westerner) like buy me drink good for me, me get 20B for farang buy me drink, but me waiting u come back bar see me, ok baby?" More on the bar girl way of thinking in later posts.

We eventually got back to the hotel about 4am and I was fucked, I think both me and Sa slept fully clothed. I woke up about mid day and Sa was watching the TV sat on the balcony, she'd already ordered breakfast for the both of us and eaten hers, so I eat mine stone cold, fuck knows what time she ordered it and why she didn't wake me but I wasn't complaining, bless her.

I had a fucking rotten hangover but that wasn't going to stop me from getting my dirty way with her, I downed a bottle of beer to sort my head out and got her doing her sexy stuff on the balcony, she made a real nice strip tease act for me playing with her pussy, she got a bit shy once she was fully nude and wanted to come away from the balcony. Paul must have told her to put on a show for me cos she went and sat on the toilet finger fucking herself and spraying piss everywhere, when she finished she showered and shaved her pussy, I was horny as fuck by now and although I was wearing shorts she could see my boner no problem. She pushed me back on the bed and took off my shorts and then licked my asshole for about 30 minutes, I couldn't hold any more and had to wank myself off and cum on her pretty little face, she then rubbed all the cum on her face onto my cock and sucked and licked every bit till it was clean, then she went to the bathroom, cleaned her face and came back with a wet towel and made sure my cock was properly clean (even though I was going to take a shower, bless her lol).

We went out in the afternoon for my first taste of Thai seaside then back to the hotel for some fucking. She stayed with me for 3 days after this and although I was staying in Pattaya for 7 days it was kind of hard to let her go back to the bar, but Paul explained to her (and to me) that I was here on a fucking holiday and that I'd come back to see her again sometime. We still call each other now and she came to spend the weekend with me in Bangkok when she was on her way travelling back up north to see her family, she's a really nice girl.

The next 4 days of Pattaya Fuckfest will be in Part 2 and Part 3 coming soon

See all my Thai conquests and Sa's video here


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Candids from Walking Street Pattaya

In the candids section you'll find loads of pics and vids from me, my mates and other members when we are out and about around the sex tourist areas. We take pics and vids from everywhere we go, beer bars, gogo bars, discos, shopping malls, resturants, the beach and even just wailking down the street like the pics above. And we always try to get into the knickers of the girls we take pics of, but I'll be honest and say we're not successfull everytime although some of my pals have been doing this for a long time and they sure know how to get into a Thai girls panties.

These pics are from Walkng Street in Pattaya, anyone who has already been to Pattaya knows just how packed Walking Street is with Thai pussy. My mate got chatty with the chick in white shorts and arranged to meet her later in Tonys Disco, she was working at her mothers sidewalk stall selling all the crappy stuff tourist like to waste their money on. When we got there she was chatting to two other tourist but as soon as she saw us she came over and gave my mate a big kiss, I don't know what she told the other guys but it sure was funny from our side.

We stayed in Pattaya for four days and she stayed with him the whole time, we was surprised when leaving that she refused to take any money from him, so he took her shopping for the afternoon and splashed out a couple of thousand baht for some new sexy gear for her. He's still in contact with her now and see's her whenever he travels to Pattaya, lucky bastard, he's a proper fat slob aswell!

Take a peek at the Candid section for thousands more pics and vids, new pics added daily.

Theres more user posted pics from fellow sex tourist in our Sex Tourist Forum


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Sexy Duan from MBK shopping center

Duan was a nice little catch for a day out at MBK shopping center, and a freebie to top it off! It was about six weeks into the tour and I'd got fed up living out of a bag at the hotels and after returning from a Pattaya fuckfest (you'll see more of Pattaya later) I decided to rent a nice condo for a few months.

We was sitting in burger bar inside the center when my mate said he seen that girl over there around Patpong, although she was working in a shop its common for the girls to go around the tourist sex areas looking for a western boyfriend or maybe just a good time.

Jeff bet me I wouldn't go and have a go, lol, after four weeks already in BKK and two weeks in Pattaya I was game for anything. Luckily for me it was one of them house decor shops that sell all the little furnishing crap women buy for their homes, so I went in and explained I'd just moved into a condo and needed some stuff to brighten it up. Duan was ever so helpfull choosing things for me but I kept pulling my face and saying that it wouldnt really go with whats already in there, then I asked her what time she finished work and maybe she could come over and take a look and help me with choosing the right stuff. Amazingly she said she was just helping today and could come now if I wanted, well of course it was yes!

Back at the condo she was well impressed with my little pad and wondered why I wanted to add more furnishing, so did I. I didn't waste anytime telling her I was here on business and one of my sidelines was shooting models for popular magazines, bullshit bullshit.....

A big photo shoot this one, nearly 200 pics cos I had to play the model agency bullshit, but it didnt take me long to get her in the nude playing with her pussy, then she enjoyed my cock up her ass before gulping down my stiff cock and swallowing my load, these Thai girls really are something.

She left saying I could go to the shop anytime to choose some stuff and gave me her number just incase she wasn't working that day, well Duan, I'll be ringing you but not for some crappy furnishing!

See the full photo shoot here


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Fresh from the farm Bee

Bee, fresh from the farm, you can tell when they are new to the bar scene, cheap tee shirts and no gold. Fresh but in no way shy, Bee was as eager as I was to get back to the hotel, as soon as we got to the room she whipped of her clothes and straight in the shower, it was still only 9pm and I wasn't in any rush so I left her to shower and cracked a beer from the fridge. Normally I dont take a girl from the bar this early but with Bee being a new one I knew she'd be off with some guy early on in the night.

I got her to suck and lick my toes whilst chilling on the bed with my beer, she then happily polished off my knob and swallowed the full load, not much though cos I'd been fucking Boom till late afternoon.

Then back to the bar after I reminded her I'd paid her bar fine so no going off with another man cos she was coming back with me again for a proper fucking session. Fuck, I love Bangkok!

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Boom from Patpong

Boom for "boom boom", what the Thai girls say for shaggin, "Hey han-som man, u like boom boom?"

Boom sure liked boom boom, this photo set was taken just two days after arriving in Bangkok, but no she wasn't the first girl of the tour, my mate picked me up from the airport and whisked me away to a classy massage parlour down Sukumvit, cant remember the name but I remember the fun we had there.

Anyway, Boom was one of the girls standing outside her GoGo bar in Patpong, they normally do this if theyre on the period but as Boom wasn't I figured she'd already been short time and paid the bar for the night and came back to hang out with her pals and maybe get another farang. Great for me cos I wouldn't need to pay the bar fine, although she tried blagging me for it.

She wasnt into the photo shoot much on this ocasion but what a good fuck she was, which is probadly why I meet her again another three times, she gets less camera shy in the following shoots which I'll post some pics of soon after I posted a few more different girls. Or if you want to see them now click the link below.

You can see all Booms pics and vids here


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Aom from near Nana Plaza

This lovely bit of Thai ass is called Aom, or Om for us westerners. It was the week before Christmas when the Thai elections where on and all the beer bars had to close, but that didnt stop us sex tourist and it surely didnt stop the girls coming out.


We'd been sat in a little bar just off Nana complex drinking beer from coffee cups when Aom and her mate came in for a game of pool. I could tell straight away she was game for it by the way she was sticking her arse up way higher then needed and leaning as far away as possible from the table so its nearly sticking in our faces when she was taking a shot, fucking slutty bitch. My mate Jeff asked them if they wanted a game of duobles and that was basicly the score.

After a few more drinks and getting them to show how sexy they can dance rubbing up against the pool table and sliding their pussies up and down the cues we shot off to the hotel for some dirtier fun. Jeff's girl wasn't too keen on a photo/video shoot so they went back to his room and left me and Aom to get on with business.

You can see the full photo set and video here.


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